Friday, September 18, 2009


So, today I had another audition, this time for a cruise line. Sang the same song, think it went pretty well, even remembered all of the words. Though I really wanted to sing "Why Do the Wrong People Travel," I figured that somehow that would not fit into the "pop/rock" category they were looking for. So, mission accomplished there. I got to the audition early enough that didn't even have to wait that long in line. Oh, and one other cool thing happend, I SAW LIZA MINELLI! In the studio across from our holding room (cell?), there was a rehearsal simply marked "LIZA." I saw it when I got there, but kind of thought, no way, it must be something else. Oh, no, it was Miss Minelli herself. As soon as she came tottling down the hall, I spotted her and really couldn't stop smiling. I feigned a weak little wave in her direction. And she waved back!! By then, I had totally forgotten about the cruise line and was merely soaking up her greatness. About half an hour later or so, she reappeared from her rehearsal room to use the bathroom, and I swear it she was wearing a red bandana as a headband. A sign of greatness for sure! Apparently, she is rehearsing for a Vegas version of the show she just did on Broadway (and won a Tony for). Maybe next time I see her, I will actual get to speak with her . . . Oh the possibilities. I did a little more job hunting in lower midtown, then popped into The Drama Bookstore (I'm there a lot it seems) to get the new copy of Backstage and believe it or not, Tyne Daly was in line next to me! Buying a copy of Master Class. What are the chances?? So, my day has been made. I am planning to spend the rest of the afternoon doing a little reading and writing, eating all the Ritz crackers, thinking about doing laundry, and possibly eating Mexican food. Oh yea, good times. And thank God I'm working tomorrow, let's hope we're busy. Ciao for now and good luck star-gazing.

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