Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Air Mattress of Dream

I think there's something about sleeping on an air mattress that encourages vivid and powerful dreaming. For example, last night I had a dream that my old coworkers from Japanee threw me a going-away party in an Egyptian Pyramid and invited everyone I knew, family and friends throughout my life (even Marissa Nichole was there). Tom Colicchio (from Top Chef) and Rocco DiSpirto were there serving food (because I am sooooo VIP), Mr. Colicchio in a state of drunkenness, Mr. Dispirito in a state of shirtlessness. For some reason, by the time I got there it was very late, and most of the party guests had left after I had to go on an unexpected "Beer Run" (for Coronas). I then got into a fight with my dad, which afterwards we laughed off until I learned that more than half of the money I moved here to New York with was gone. Then I woke up. I'm not sure if we ever made it very far into the Pyramid. Terrifying. It was disappointing to wake up to no Egyptian landscape, but even moreso to an air mattress considerably less filled up than last night when I filled up afresh (with my own hot air, no pump). Well, that's the ephemeral nature of life, isn't it?

Today, I am MAKING myself go to a dance class at Broadway Dance Center. I have not been to a dance, voice, or acting class in so very long I am a little nervous. I haven't even auditioned for anything since the early spring. But, that's what I'm here, so I'm gonna do it! I was thinking yesterday, it's kind of like jumping into pool, do you slowly dip a toe in, checking the water for temperature and sharks, or do you just jump in, take the plunge and hope for the best? In this big city, I think the latter is the only option. There is too much going on, too many people, too much at risk, that you really have to make a whole Hello of a lot noise to get noticed. At least, that's my theory. I think I will be attending my first audition tomorrow morning for the national tour of Beauty and the Beast. In other news, I have an interview today for a real job here in Astoria, a little cafe called Locale. Cross your fingers, and let's hope for the best. I think I have passed out more than 20 resum├ęs since I have been here, and I am just hoping and praying to get something locked down so I can keep at least some of my money from running down the drain. Oh, I meant to mention that I saw my first New York City rat in the subway the other day. Terrifying. I still have not seen a cockroach, but I am very wary of the first time it's going to happen. I am learning the subway bit by bit, I have taken trips on the N, W, 1, 5, 6, C, and R trains so far (impressive, no?). Well, time to pour myself into dance clothes for the first time in four months and try to look presentable for New York. Here we go!

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