Thursday, September 17, 2009

Audition #1: The Beginning

Well, one down, many more to go. I had my first NYC audition this morning for the Non-Equity Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. It was held at Steppin' Out Studios in Lower Manhattan. I think it went alright, not super or a performance of a lifetime, but I made it through one and feel like, for the most part, I represented myself well. I definitely looked the part of big talent, in my new crisp white button up, courtesy of Serena Williams and Barnes & Noble, and if it was based on looks, I would defnitely already have a contract. I sang "Close Every Door" from Joseph. Not the most original choice, but I really don't care. If anything, I considered today's outing more as a research tool than anything else. I found the audition notice, made it to the studios on time, was seen in the first hundred people (after seeing the crowd today, I am so thankful for the thing between my legs), didn't cry, and didn't have to get snippy with anyone near the building. Apparently, every other day of the week Steppin' Out Studios is a ballroom dance institution, as there ballroom dancers training immediately outside the audition room (my favorite couple was a tall, math-teacher-looking white guy and a European-esque woman with Raspberry colored hair, black roots showing, wearing girdle-mumu-leotard combination and chunky heels). I almost remember all the words to my song. For some reason, in auditions or performance, if I get the least bit nervous, or more often rusty, my words just go. Gone. I covered ok today, but I'm sure that wasn't on there of desired qualities: "Correct Lyrics Optional." Anywho, I got through it with grace; showed them that I am not an American Idol wannabe sing-your-face-off musical theatre performed, a jarring type that is all too common among my age bracket nowadays; and quickly fled the building after using the bathroom for the fifth time (I compulsively drink water before each audition or performance). I was actually headed to another audition, but by the time I made it to the 16th floor of a very corporate looking building, I discovered that the auditions had been cancelled. That's ok, there was rumored tap dancing - I would rather use a hammer and nail or play in the mud. And there across the street was a reward du jour: a Taco Bell Express. Now, my Crunchwrap Supreme did not taste quite as good as I remember them tasting at 3 am in Bloomington, and certainly cost me more, but it was a satisfying find in this drive-through-less metropolitan. The rest of my day is going to be dedicated to some more Craig's List job advertisements, reading, and hiding my credit card from myself. And guess what, I am planning on attending another audition tomorrow, for a cruise line! Mimi Paragon here I come! Bon voyage!

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