Thursday, September 3, 2009

In New York!

Well, I have arrived! I actually got here yesterday, but this has been my first chance to get online and write. I was able to briefly access the web at my apartment by stealing a half bar of signal from my neighbors (somewhere?) for about 5 minutes at a time. Good thing I had my luxurious air mattress to blow up in between websites (it is now mostly deflated). I am currently at the NYC public library on 42nd St. using one of their computers. Now, you would think this would be a somewhat easy task. Wrong! First, one must find library. Second, one must be at the library during open hours (me, last night at 8pm scratching my head - what happend to the 24 hour Wells Library?). After one gains entrance to the library via a bog check, you must mount the staircase to the third floor where they actually hide the computers and books - don't worry the gift shop is on the first floor. (I just had a thought about how grimey this computer keyboard must be - yikes!). There they are, the computers, your link to friends, family, news, and your profession. But wait! To use a computer you have to reserve it first. And I'm not just talking about a clipboard sign-in. In order to access these computers, you mut first register for a library card, which you then scan and reserve a computer (with an appointment time an hour after you got to the library). So here's stupid Hoosier me desperately trying to finding a computer. I finally find the window marked "Library Card" thinking Ok here I am, but oh no, you must pre-register with the computer down the aisle first to recevie this card, which afterwards I am informed you need to have proof of being a NY resident, which I don't have yet, so I have a three day trial card. But alas, I have made it to this computer and here I am! One mssion down, many, many more to go. Since I currently am unemployed, I am planning on scoping out the entire city, inch by inch, only in the daylight of course, because that seems to be the only way I can almost learn an area - maps are immune to my Hoosier sense of direction. I do like my neighborhood and think I am acquainted with it - I have found the essentials: the subway, the grocery, the pharmacy, and liquor store. On the agenda for the rest of the day? Buy a copy of Backstage, the theatre trade paper, to learn about all the auditions I can't go to because I'm not equity; a pillow (no leads so far - I thought there was a Pottery Barn on every corner?!), gym shoes (again, no leads), and meet my new roomate when she arrives this evening. Oh, and so far no bugs, thank God! We will see how long that holds up . . . I have my doubts about this ex-bachelor pad. Well here goes!

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