Friday, November 27, 2009


After a too-long absence following my major blogging outburst concerning my recent visitors, I finally return to the blank screen to release my ideas, dreams, complaints, and commentary. Today (well, as I am editing this, yesterday) is Thanksgiving in New York, and it has been an absolutely gorgeous day, full of blessed unseasonal weather and unexpected sunshine. Considering my absence from my web memoirs and extracurricular data entry, I should be writing about the million things I’ve done or thought about in the past week or so, everything I have been meaning to say, but haven’t for whatever reason. I should be telling you about the delicious Prince Edward Island oysters I had in the Lower East Side (at Ten Bells), my growing love for the Whole Food's hot bar (grilled pear and brie pizza, forget about it!), or my strange viewing of The Me who Stare Goats. I should be reflecting on my suicidal attempt to attend the 90 minute HOT Yoga class (105 degrees). If I were doing things right, I would be telling you about rehearsals or the super cheap dumpling place I found. And surely, I would have more news from Locale. However, I think I'd like to talk about all the things I am thankful for this year, like a first-grader finishing their final writing/creative assignment before shipping out for the long weekend. This year, I feel I have so many wonderful things in my life, that I've been given so much. I am thankful for a few days off of work, that I get to spend hanging around the city with one of my favorite aunts. I am so thankful I have a job to have time off from (and that we had a very nice Thanksgiving party Wednesday afternoon). I miss and love and am thankful for my family. Though separated far and wide, we are united by our love for each other, by cards and calls, and random texts for those tech savvy enough to T9. I am blessed with good health, despite no current health insurance, and feel good and fit and centered in my body (thank you yoga, water, and spinach). I am thankful for new friends in New York, and the old ones I have here and around the country. I am thankful I live in a free country where I can say and do and believe what I want, and write this blog, whatever the content. I am thankful for our wonderful meal yesterday at Roth's, the salmon, goat cheese tart, butternut squash soup, and smoked turkey amousse bouche were particularly excellent. I am thankful for my independence, that I am able to live my life without constraints, at least for now. I am thankful Granny's surgery went well on Wednesday and pray she makes a speedy recovery. I am thankful for funny and interesting things on youtube, that sometimes inform, but usually distract me. And days like this, I am thankful for New York. For its energy, its vastness, its collection of people from every corner and walk of life. The walk we took through Central Park along the Jackie O reservoir was the perfect way accompaniment to our big Thanksgiving meal (not to mention cocktails and a bottle of wine). And I am thankful for what lies ahead for me, the treasures yet undiscovered, and what adventures may come next.

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