Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Taste of Home, Part 2

Sunday saw us get a much later start. Well, the women more than myself. While I hustled over to Locale for brunch duty, they slept in, then joined us for eggs and Bloody Mary's. It was good to be back at brunch, reunited with my brunch bitch Katrina, seeing a few of my regular customers. Everyone got a kick out of meeting my mother, and the women seemed to enjoy their brunch grub (as you can see, brunch is a very important happening in the city). After visiting with the Locale crew and gathering up their strength, I sent my elders out into the city unsupervised. Their destination: Macy's - Herald Square. Who knows what damage they did. With over 7 floors, the red-accented beacon of shopping held their attention until sundown. Luckily, they only had to get on one train and only walk up the stairs to find their shopping haven. Once I cleared out of the restaurant, brunch put away for another week, having devoured a piece of carrot cake with bartendress Kat (which sounds so so good right now), I went home for a short recess then readied myself for the city. I followed Mom and Wendy's tracks from the Godiva store to Rockefeller Center. We looked at the trees and coming Christmas decorations before journeying up 5th Ave to check out the high end shopping and designer duds. Once we reached the Plaza hotel, we hit the subway again to return to Queens, gearing up for Sunday's big Colts/Patriots game. After dropping their bags off at the hotel (a familiar experience), we took the train farther into Astoria to Gleason's Food and Spirits. With a good-sized crowd formed, we took a table in the back in anticipation of the big game. Lucky for us, it was 25 cent wings, and we each got a plateful, as well as sweet potato and traditional fries, our food our choice this trip (A special note, do not get the honey mustard wings at Gleasons, they're just not what you are looking for). As we sipped our beers and Coke respectively, the game began. After an initial touchdown by our Indianapolis Colts, things did not look so hot for the remainder of the game, encouraging us to drink more beer. Along the way, Katrina from Locale stopped by as well as roommates Megan and Erin. Katrina and I told stories and/or bitched about Locale, and Megan and Erin swapped stories from the temp-ing field. Mom and Wendy got a big kick out of Katrina's transportation of choice, skateboard, complete with its own set of stories. The game trudged on and on, looking none too good for the "home" team, and as our food and beer began to settle, our long began to catch up with us. After paying our tab, we hopped in a cab, making our last stops of the evening at comfort and sleep. I instructed them to be ready at 9 am for the next day's adventures. As we later found out the Colts won.

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