Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Hump Day - Or is it?

The grey and the cold have returned to New York after a small relapse into summery weather this weekend. I can't stand the grey! Another day off, another off day. Can it really be called Hump Day when it is technically my day off? I think my official is sometime Sunday around midnight. I find most of my days off include lists of well-intended to-do's, that rarely get done at all. I suppose this is typical of days off, or at least the lazy days I tend to have. The city seemed especially quiet today, in part because of Veteran's Day as well as the somber weather. I had lunch with my friend Liz (of Locale) at Burrito Loco (the crazy burrito) in the West Village . As it has been a while since I've had Mexican, it was a yummy treat and fun to hang with Liz in the city. The restaurant is located across from a string of sex shops, so it makes for great one stop shopping: Spanish rice and Spanish fly. Hah. On returning to Astoria, I was still feeling the effects of my Mexican food coma and slept through yoga class. I suppose I will have to try extra hard to get there tomorrow before work at Locale. Last night, I had a wonderful dinner with Aly at the restaurant our friend Angie works at called Good Enough to Eat. Located on the Upper West Side, it is in a trendy, neat area full of restaurants (though sans sex shops). I dined on corn bread, collard greens, succotash, mac n cheese, and pumpkin pie. It was a very good night, and I undoubtedly had my butter fix for the week. As usual, it was a pleasure to see Aly, as we live in quite different parts of the same city, and check a new neighborhood. There are so many great hang out spots in the city, there's an endless amount of choices to the age old question: "What should we do tonight?" Somehow the Super Wal-Mart and Applebee's pale in comparison to New York's plethora of pubs, patiseries, and prixe-fixe (sorry New Castle). We begin rehearsal for "If This Ain't It" on Friday, and I could not be more excited. I am hoping this show will be just the bolt of inspiration I need to give myself the professional and personal motivation I have been lacking the past few weeks and will keep me busy during the upcoming holiday season. So many times where I am and where I want to go seem separated by such an immense distance, I don't even know where to start. Or worse, any action on my part seems futile. Seems silly. As usual, I am anxious to move on to the next thing in my life, the next project, the next job, the next holiday, instead of staying in the moment, savoring and exploring, living the day out to its fullest. So, while today has been a rather uneventful day (I did manage to do a huge load of laundry today), perhaps tomorrow will hold something brighter, or at least see a little more motion from yours truly. Work is so important for me. It anchors; structures my week. It gives me deadlines and discipline and gets me out of the house every morning (or afternoon at 3:30). I constantly find myself getting jealous of the city's many 9to5'ers, craving there schedule, their weekends, their professional attire, and supposed higher wages (not to mention health insurance and other benefits!). But for now, this is where I am, becoming somewhat of a night owl believe it or not, with a lot of free time to rest and wonder and dream.

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