Monday, August 24, 2009

Always a House Guest, Never a House!

Well, I am back in Bloomington for one last week, staying with my lovely friends Benjamin and Lawrence. This has been my month of traveling, or really, my month of homelessness. Between packing, vacation with family, vacation in Louisiana, the wedding, and this week, I'm not really sure where I live anymore. Am I a New Yorker yet? One thing is true, I am very thankful for all of my beautiful hosts (even the farting ones). So, this is my week of goodbyes, and next week is my week of hello's. So a very exciting, but strange time. Surprisingly, I feel very comfortable right now, very at peace, and kind of at home (well that may also be because Lawrence and Ben live in my old apartment). My move to New York approaches closer day by day. I wonder: Who will be my friends? Will I fall in love? Where will I work? Will I get a job? Will I become a paid actor? How much should I invest in my acting endeavors? Most of these are fairly non-threatening, but sometimes not so much. And you know how all of those disaster movies take place in New York. Terrifying. And on a more serious note, what if another September 11th kind of attack occurs? I've lived anywhere where terrorist attacks are a very real threat. I don't think landlocked, recession-hit, rural Indiana has much of a bull's eye painted on it. Certainly, the reality of 9/11, even 8 years later, will be more present in my life this year. I'll have only been there for a little over a week when the anniversary hits. Within the same month, I will have visited the sites of America's gravest moments, Katrina and 9/11. All of this makes me sound really old. Guess I'm growing up, eh?

In other news, I have been cooking up a storm lately. Before I left home, I made a big pan of macaroni and cheese and a pan Souther greens for the boys I am staying with this week. On Friday, I made jalapeño corn bread, black beans (dried, not canned), and pollo en salsa verde con crema. I guess I will at least be eating well in New York! If the whole acting thing doesn't work out, maybe I can have a career in food! Or make the soup at the homeless sheleter I live in. Bon appétit!

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