Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrrr! It's Cold!

The winter winds continue to plague us here in New York, begging us not to go outdoors, making it all the more difficult to get out of bed. How many more layers can I muster up? I'm afraid we all soon being to resemble Joey on the episode of Friends where he spitefully puts on all of Chandler's clothes. A bit excessive perhaps! We continue to battle on at rehearsals, barreling through our still mess of a show. Cuts have been made, things have been simplified. The New Year's Baby has been cut, thank the lord. No one wants to see a Post-Holidays Bradley shivering in a diaper onstage. Pour on the McDonald's and the martinis (just kidding, I resisted both tonight!). A rehearsal tomorrow and a rehearsal before the opening, we shall see what we have to offer Thursday at 8. Pray for health and sanity for all involved. One thing I do know is that I am learning a lot through this experience and one way or another, I will have a Theater for the New City credit on my resumé, not a bad start to my NYC theatre-go's. This production has re-ignited my desire to work in the theatre, my love of the stage, and served as a good kick in the pants to do better. It has also heightened my levels of patience and what it means to be or not to be professional. I am enjoying heading into Manhattan every day, tiring as that can be, sucking in the city's energy and the especially hip and historic air in the East Village. My Metrocard is getting a better workout than it has in months. My Mom and Dad are headed here this weekend, let's hope we have something to show them. I'm sure there'll be plenty to see of one kind or another. I am excited to show them around the city; I think this is the first time my dad has been here since the early 80's - a lot has changed! For example, the hotel they are staying at in the Lower East Side would have been a mess of junkies and homelessness, considered dangerous at night. Nowadays, LES (as it is affectionately called) is home to boutiques, coffee shops, and weekend brunches. We have no set plans, beside seeing my show of course, and I am sure they are looking forward to a little getaway before Mom is swallowed up by tax season (you think I'm kidding? my little brother knew what April 15 meant even in Kindergarten). It is highly likely they will also hit Locale for Saturday brunch while I am working. After months' absence, I got to have lunch with my dear friend Aly yesterday We ate yummy pasta and endured horrible service, glad we had nowhere to be in a hurry. Hell's Kitchen proved a tasty dining spot once again, as I made the familiar trek from the 49th street station to 9th avenue. Of late, I have been going vegetarian, or at least considering it. Yesterday it was minestrone soup and cappellini primavera. This arises not out of any moral dilemma or spiritual practice, but mostly out of a desire to healthier, to eat vegetables, and to save money. Now, if someone waves a nice steak, piece of crispy fried chicken, or a shrimp skewer in my face I'm not going to turn them down. However, I find myself craving things like broccoli rabe, sautéed spinach, or sweet potato fries, instead of a burger. When I hit one of the ubiquitous pizza joints (I love, love, love pizza), I always steer towards white pizza, spinach, or mushrooms, never anywhere close to pepperoni or sausage. What has happened to this cornfed boy from the broad meadow? Next thing you know I'll be eating tofu and seitan (a cause for serious worry). My diet recently has consisted of quick bites in the East Village on our breaks. So far, our favorite is a Mexican to go place called Paquitos. ¡Taco Paco ven aquí! Besides rehearsal, my day consists of finally picking a headshot, reading some more of Arthur Laurents's memoirs (quite good so far), and attempting a trip to the gym. Let's go on with the show!

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