Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, New York. It's good to be back. Hello hipsters and Halal carts, bodegas and gypsy cabs. Hello, Locale. Thank you for welcoming me back and excusing that clumsy impostor who showed up to work last night. Hello blustery winds and hissing steam pipes; hello, winter. Hello, rent check, is it the first of the month already? Hello, rehearsal; let's hope I learn my words in time. Hello airport bar, airport security, airport peanuts, thank you for taking care of me this holiday season. Hello, old friends: it was so good to see all of you, I hope to see you soon. Hello to all those I missed this trip, my love goes out to you wherever you are. Hello aunts and uncles and cousins aplenty. How did we all get to be so grown up? Hello New Year's Resolutions and what adventures may await me in 2010.

Goodbye, Broad Meadow. Thank you for your gentleness, your peace, and fresh air. Goodbye, car, I don't know when I will be behind the wheel again. Goodbye, family, though I think I will see you all soon. Goodbye roast beast, chicken and noodles, collard greens, country ham, and pecan tassies - until I get a taste for you again. Goodbye, Christmas, you're my favorite time of year. Goodbye slow drivers and friendly faces. Goodbye giant-size Wal-Mart full of giant-size people. Goodbye cable television, we really must see each other more often. Goodbye 2009, it really was one for the books. Here's to good health and good luck in the future. Goodbye, Granny. Rejoice and run free and see with perfect vision - you've earned it. Tell all the others we say hello, and we will see you before we know it. Sweet dreams. Goodbye home and vacation, it's back to work for now.

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