Thursday, December 31, 2009

All About (New Year's) Eve

Well, it's New Year's in the Big City, the Broad Meadow, and across the world. There's a new coat of snow on the ground and the city is abuzz. It's hard to believe another year has gone by. It's even harder to believe that we are about to enter a new decade. Wasn't Y2K just a couple years ago? This New Year's promises too be bit more memorable than my previous holidays, if anything because I will be working and sober instead of passed out in a gutter somewhere. Just kidding, I'm not much of a drinker. . . anywho, we have a fairly healthy list of reservations for tonight's New Year's prix-fixe celebration. Hopefully it means lots of money and lots of people ready to have a good time, because by golly, I'm going to show them one! Yesterday and Tuesday were surprisingly busy at the restaurant, people must be celebrating early this year. I joked with one of my tables that we were having a preview party, a promise of fun things to come tonight. Perhaps people are hungrier for the new year than usual this December, ready to put 2009 in the books, and wish for better things (namely, the economy) in 2010. 2009 was certainly a big year for me: I graduated from college, directed my first play, saw two cousins get married (don't worry, not to each other), my sister graduated from high school, finally saw the end of Bush, I moved to New York, became really poor, said goodbye to my great-grandmother, and started this blog you are now reading so I can cope with it all. I'd say this is one to remember. Let us hope that 2009 was a year of work, a year planting seeds, and that 2010 will be a time of reaping what we sow, a time of harvest and peace. Perhaps I'll get my big break? Perhaps I'll wrack up a lot of credit card debt? The possibilities are endless. I do know one thing: that I am going to stick with it and give 'em hell all along the way. I know that my friends and family will always have my back and be close to me, and theirs the opinion that really matters. I know I promise to not give up on myself or my dreams. As Granny says, "Life is for the living," and this is one year I am going to live. Recently, I made a mock-up list of resolutions during my whiskey sour-induced visit to the US Airways terminal at LaGuardia. I hope I don't jinx them by writing them down now. At least I didn't say them out loud. 1) Lose 10 pounds (I think that one's been on the list a good ten years and counting), 2) make more money (is it greed or necessity), 3) be creative (to survive), 4) face my fears (scary), 5) stop settling (for the same old shit), and 6) stop giving a fuck and be myself. Though I think these are all admirable goals, though perhaps not worthy to be hung up in an elementary school, I think the last is both pressing and practical. Your boss driving you crazy? A customer giving you a hard time? You could get upset, or remember that wait, you're not giving a hoot this year. Someone tells you your ugly? That you're not their type? Fuck them, you're great just the way you are! Worried about what someone might think? Afraid to take the next step? Thank God you're not giving a fuck. What ease, what wrinkle-free features. Now, I'm not talking about some Nihilistic, unfeeling mentality, destructive and depressed, but rather one of freedom and bravery and sass. If there's one thing I have learned in the Big City, meekness and shyness do not always get the job done. To get the best things in life, we have to reach out and take them. Referencing my title, I think I will borrow a bit from Ms. Bette Davis - her sass, her hunger, her outspokenness, and maybe even her eyebrows. The way she could silence a nay-sayer with a simple glance. Though I will try my best to accomplish these things without a cigarette and a Scotch in my hands at all times (though not a bad idea). Most of all, I pray for growth and good things for myself and my loved ones. And perhaps a little mischief. Now, would you like to start with the Lobster Bisque or the Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese?

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