Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keeping Busy

Oh, how busy these past few weeks have been. Really, I'm serious. I'm not even trying to legitimize the nearly three weeks that have passed since my last blogging. With work, auditions, friends, movies, reading, and my new fascination with hulu, a lot has been happening. I'm finding it harder to find my time to write, but also harder to find things to write about. It's not like when I first moved here and could chronicle my first subway ride, audition, meal, or shift at work. Those things have become part of my usual routine. Nor am I content to let this blog merely be a listing of my recent activities (i.e. I went to see The Social Network this evening, and it really was quite good). After all, I claim to be some sort of an artist, perhaps somewhat of a writer, so if I am going to continue this escape (which I have no intentions of quitting) for my thoughts both serious and trivial, I find I need to push myself to at least be interesting. And there are a lot of interesting things going on.

First, though I am no politico serio, there has been a lot happening in our country's state of affairs, that even an artsy fartsy type like me cannot ignore. Don't be concerned, I'm not actually voting this fall. I don't even know where I would place my vote. Recently, I received an anonymous, unsolicited call from a politician and unable to recall where this statesman even resides, I quickly said, "I'm not interested," as if I would have given this caller some of my precious time anyway. However, the political ring keeps popping into my life, from that 'bewitching' Christine O'Donnell to Crazy Carl to David Patterson on SNL and the continued coverage of the local and state races in my current issues of New York and the free subway newsies (which I'm addicted to). This year's races seem particularly heated, polarized, and even warlike. Unlike the presidential election of 2008, this year's fighst seem sneakier, dirtier, the candidates more extreme. While some of us Americans are awash in a bath of apathy caused by our continuing military conflicts overseas, oil spills, natural disasters, and murky economy, others are ablaze with extremist passion, steeped in the Tea Party's promise of a better America. While I think these people have more than enough reason to be angry at our country's state of affairs, they seem, at best, a "little" misguided. Personally, I find myself apathetic an exhausted by our president's seemingly inability to get things done. Like so many others, I placed so much Hope (was that not the catchphrase of the 2008 election?) in Obama, his promises, and dreams of a better, eh hem, more liberal America. I feel I put up my end of the bargain, casting my vote, outwardly supporting Obama and the Democrats, and even patiently waiting for things to happen. Well, Mr. Obama, your 100 Days are more than over (remember that CNN catchphrase?). At this point, Obama seems weak, unable to carry out many of the promises he made, stalled by a partisan Congress. His recent refusal to support a judge's ruling against Don't Ask Don't Tell policies in the military is embarrassing and cowardly. Instead of spending one's entire presidency attempting to be re-elected in 2012, why not throw some real fireworks in the mix and try to get things done? Mr. Obama are you content to make history solely by being the first Black president in office, or do you plan to do something while there? I find our country's recent bickering about the proposed mosque near (not on) Ground Zero disgusting, racist, and small-minded. As President, Obama should have addressed this issue more firmly, reprimanding the squabbling instead of letting it continue in foolish pageantry (i.e. Whoopi and Joy's recent walkout on The View). On top of these other issues, we have seen a new wave of homophobic violence and sentiments, from NY gubernatorial Carl Paladino's anti-gay sentiments, to a wave of teenage suicides, to the horrific gay-bashing of three teenagers in the Bronx (yes that is a part of supposed gay-haven New York City). That people should be so persecuted, physically tortured, or deemed "dysfunctional" is unacceptable. And while Sarah Palin, Christine O'donnell, Bill O'Reilly, and Carl Paladino certainly didn't torture those poor men in the Bronx or push that young man off the George Washington Bridge, their attitudes of intolerance, judgement, and self-righteousness seep into the American psyche, making homophobic violence somewhat OK and something that just happens. I am continually shocked by these people's ignorance and lack of knowledge or respect for anyone different than them. Just today, I read that Christine O'donnell didn't even know that the separation of church and state was actually in the Constitution. WTF?? I know there are a lot people in this country that know A LOT more about politics than I do and certainly more able and willing to run the country than I am, but please America, can we get it together?

Whew, that was a lot, but I had to get a few things off my chest.

In less heated news, I have been spending my free time catching up with friends, exploring the phenomenon that is hulu, and trying to get myself back into the kitchen. A recent cooking venture included baked chicken with lemon and my Jim Beam spice rub (thank you bourbon trails. on a side not, I have more than once whipped my recently acquired bourbon knowledge out for much Locale acclaim). To go with my chicken, I sauteéd some garlic, onions, bell pepper, kale, spices, and plantains together. I think my side dish would have turned out a little better if I had not mistook my jar of cinnamon for cumin, the dish now a strange mix of spicy and sweet. After courting plantains at the supermarket, puzzled at what sort of wonders these banana-like fruits could be hiding behind their husk, I finally took the plunge and attempted to use them in my own cooking. Though far from perfect, I have a feeling that our newfound relationship is not quite over. Perhaps I shall take a chance on the green plantains, supposedly tasting like potatoes (impossible!). Friend Esther and I recently cashed in on some Open Table magic to sample the offerings at Zengo. We drank spicy margaritas and munched on crispy tofu, salted edamame, and a very spice piece of barramundi (fish). We put out the fire with traditional Latin churros in dark chocolate - warm, moist, delicious. The goings on have been going on, catching up on movies/tv, trying to get myself to the theatre, work, the gym (ugh), auditions, and attempting to get myself back on TV (my recent 3 seconds on Gossip Girl was glorious). I'm doing the best to help the stars align, so that my star can be born.

*What I'm Watching: The Social Network, Me, Myself, and I, Brief Encounter, Let Me In, Case 39, Catfish, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, Brüno, Glee, Easy A

*What I'm Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Living Out, The Clean House, The Waiting Room

*What I'm Listening to: Katy Perry's cover of "Black and Gold" and her oh-so-addictive album Teenage Dream

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