Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness!

How the time goes by! March has been a whirlwind of errands, auditions, work, out-of-towners, and changing weather. I apologize to my dear devoted readers for my lack of attention, I swear it's nothing against any of you, but here I am today, yes, finally writing. I hope it's a good one. Today is a Monday, one of my two days-off from the restaurant, usually an audition day, but instead I am giving myself the day off. The Surflight Theatre summer stock auditions can wait until tomorrow. So, here I am, free, my whole day ahead of me, on no one else's schedule but my own. Of course, there is the rather daunting task of moving to be had. I should probably also go re-visit the gym, catch up on my reading (those library books do have due dates after all), and get an overdue hair cut (my hair is starting to resemble an A.C. Slater curly-boy mullet). Last week (or was it the week before? how time flies!), Locale's Liz and I signed a lease for a new place just a few blocks from where I am now and even closer to the train. So, my days at the Crescent house are numbered, one chapter closing and another beginning. I am very excited for the freshly painted walls, dishwasher, and a stone's throw from Rest-au-Rant. Just as the day's weather (currently rainy), I too am in a state of transition, a season of change. And who knows, if I can make it through spring's rains and winds, perhaps there will be a glorious summer ahead. I have certainly survived the coldest winter ever. The first half of this month has seen me auditioning more than ever, earning a couple callbacks, but no booking as of yet. Those audition rooms continue to look crazier and crazier, unreported asylums of insanity. My recent Boston guests Christina and David witnessed a typical audition day at Chelsea Studios, commenting, "Is it always so stressful in those rooms?" Oh, if you only knew. Each morning seems to present its own existential crisis, planning the day's route through the city and what song to sing (I think I have picked the 'right' song about twice in my life). My song of late has been "I Met a Girl" from Bells Are Ringing, which I found out this weekend seems to be the song of choice from most every male who went to AMDA. The never-ending search for material continues (luckily, I don't think any early-20's male can touch my "Poor Unfortunate Souls" or The Ladies Who Lunch," but I have yet to read the casting notice that calls for a 20-something man played as a 40+ woman). Speaking of songs, I have been making good progress with my vocal Will and am starting to develop quite the "book." It even has plastic sheet protectors. If one didn't know better, you could call me a professional.
As spring breaks abound, I have seen visits from IU friends Ben, Esther, and the aforementioned David & Christina, old Academy friends Woody, Fiona, Katie Keenan, and Amy (arriving Thursday!), and even some family, arriving this coming weekend. Combined with my roommates' own visitors, our living room has been busier than a New Castle Days Inn. Perhaps we should get a sign-in book or start a Facebook group for all of them. Ben and Esther's visit included a trip to the piano bar, a tour of a few West Village and Hell's Kitchen watering holes, and walking her uncle's two giant Great Danes through Central Park. I am excited to receive my New Castle visitors this coming weekend (not forgetting my dear friend Amy arriving a few days before), introducing my little brother to my beautiful big city. Though, in the past year, it seems he is the one getting bigger all the time, the city becoming smaller all the time.
The warm weather has brought the return of outdoor tables at Locale with the sun and has made lots of busy-ness and running back and forth. Not exactly bad things, but tiring for sure. Instead of having a lot on my mind today, I feel a little empty, glad that I don't have to think about anything, finding sanctuary from the madness of the audition room and the hectic restaurant. It feels good to just sit in my house with the windows open and just be. More and more, I savor the "stolen moments" of peace, of solitude, of quiet and stillness. A lot of times, I would love to escape to a mountaintop or sunny beach and have nothing but stillness, myself, and God (ok and maybe a glass of wine). I am looking forward to the end of this heavy audition season, job in hand or not, settling into my new apartment, and re-embracing my New York life. Mom recently asked which I enjoyed more, living in NYC or making theatre. Is it fair if I don't know? I'd like to think that they are somehow linked hand in hand. I'm certainly not interested in doing shows in Utah for the rest of my life. Let's just say that, for now, I have a lease until next April and no plans of going anywhere else. I have a feeling the Big Apple and I are only in the beginning of something wonderful.

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